Can I cut wood with this knife?

Yes, the SRX90 features an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade with a hardness rating of 57HRC. The SRX90 is more than capable of cutting various plant materials including vines, leaves, and wood. Building shelter and fire from trees when out in the forest is no problem for the SRX90.

Can I use this knife for hunting?

Yes, of course! Although pocket-sized, the SR90 can effectively skin game in the field. We’re enthusiastic hunters here at SRX Tactical and designed the SRX90 with hunting as a core use-case. The sharp, sturdy blade slices through meat and game hide like butter.

This knife is small. Is a bigger survival knife better?

When it comes to survival knives, bigger is not always better. Larger blades can affect your ability to complete detailed tasks such as carving or dressing small game. Larger knives are also bulky, harder to hide in your clothing & may contravene local knife laws. On the other hand, a small tactical-blade like the SRX90 offers full knife utility in a convenient, concealable pocket-sized package.